Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Travel Plans Canceled

Well this is where our 5th wheel travel trailer will sit this year as poor Frank is suffering with his back and instead of traveling to Coos Bay Oregon, we will be traveling back and forth to the doctor to see what our options are for back surgery? We went to a new doctor in St. George, Dr. Snook, (wow what a name) and he read Frank's MRI and showed us the multiple problems in Frank's spine. He made the comment that he couldn't give him a new spine and could not fix all of the problems. It is going to take some time before we will know our options, as he has to go through another test.
As you can see from the above pictures, Frank spends a good deal of his time in his recliner as that is the only place that he can sit and be relieved of the pain. He does go down to the park and golfs with the Old Farts every morning for exercises. He takes a pain pill before he goes. He has to keep the knee going, doctors orders, 30 minutes every day. At least he can go and socialize with the Old Farts and play a little golf with them.
We are really disappointed as we had made some travel plans to go into British Columbia. We even have our Passports for the trip. We were going to go back to our favorite place in Oregon to a State Park called Bastendorff right on the ocean. We were going to make that our home for two months and travel from there leaving our 5th wheel. Oh well, maybe next year. At least we have had a mild summer so far, but the heat is just around the corner.

So our next appointment is with another specialist a pain management doctor who will run a test to see if they can pin point the problem area that is causing the sever pain that Frank is having. He can't take the pain of walking, and standing, and sitting in certain chairs.


  1. Isn't it a blow, when we have time on our hands to do all the things we want to do and then the old body tells us we should have done it sooner. I have to try and get that movie where his life starts off old and he gets younger - might find some tips there. I do hope Frank can get some positive results so that you can put that 5th wheel to some good use.
    The flowers in your garden look absolutely glorious. The orange one looks a bit like a poinciana flower but probably not as they are large trees here in Australia.

  2. Hi Donna, nice song, that is my name too! I am a fellow scrapbooker...only I am learning to do it digitally. Also into art and writing.

    Been trying to add a playlist to my blog and have not been able to do it. Any chance you could help me?

    I am also following Gemini and A Majority of Two. My blog is Mystical Journeys.

    Your dog is darling!

    Thanks! Donna


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