Saturday, June 27, 2009




Poor Frank is in so much pain with his back. I was surprised today, when he came home from golfing with the Old Farts down at our local park, and he told me that he wouldn't be going any more as he was in too much pain. It seems to be getting worse every day. When he says that he won't be golfing any more, I know he is in agony. I feel so bad for him and wish I could take the pain away for him. He put two new sprinkler timers in at Sherry's rental and that didn't do him any good. He has finally decided that he can't do much of anything until his back is fixed if that is possible.

We went to a pain management doctor in St. George, Utah, and Frank is set up for a test on the lst of July. The doctor will put a needle into his spine and to try and find out where the pain is coming from. After the doctor sends his report to the spine specialist, an appointment will be made for Frank to have a consultation as to what his options are. His back is such a mess the doctor in no way could fix all of the problems, but will work on the one that is causing him the pain down his back clear down to his toes. All we can do is hope and pray that there will be a solution of some kind to get rid of the horrible pain. We are in for a long hot summer going back and forth to doctors, and maybe a hospital stay for surgery. Thank Heavens for air conditioners!

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