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This is a link to a picture of my Mother that was my favorite. My Aunt Mary had this picture displayed in her home for years. When my Mother passed away, I had copies made up for each of my brothers and my sister and of course one for me. I have a family site on and have my genealogy with lots of pictures there.

I always wanted to look like my Mom instead of my red haired, freckled face Dad. Oh well, isn't that how life goes, we always want to look like someone else. Maybe not everyone, but I sure did. I hated my freckles and cried more than once as a child when I was teased about them. They did fade as I got older and I was grateful for that. Now they have turned into old age spots on my arms. LOL (have to laugh or I would cry) Old age is no fun! I didn't mind my Auburn hair that went with the freckles, but would have loved to have had my Mom's black hair.

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  1. Your Mum really was quite beautifull. Pity we couldn't choose the features about our parents that we most desire. I would have liked my parents curley hair but somehow I ended up with a throwback to almost straight hair. I got the fat genes from that side of my family and have to watch my weight and tend to see too much of it. I was called fatty at school but looking at school photos I don't think I was that much different to the rest of the kids. Compared to today's kids I'd even say I was skinny.


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