Saturday, June 6, 2009

Merritt Staley Graduation Night

Last night was graduation night at Moapa Valley High School. Bret, Laura, Sierra, & Marissa came over to my house to have pictures taken and for the surprise gift from Dad & Mom & the family parked out in my back yard. Yep! Merritt you will have to get your drivers license now. In the mean time the car will be painted and new tires put on it so it will look a whole lot better.
The graduation ceremony was really nice and I really enjoyed the students talks. I got to see Riley Staley from a distance and was glad to be there to see him graduate. Congratulations to both Riley and Merritt and good luck going out into the real world. Hope to hear good things about you both in your future achievements. Love you both.

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  1. Hey Donna, I didn't know you had a blog. I got looking through it and it looks like a lot has happened lately for everyone down there. Congrats to Merritt! Oh, and to Renee also! I didn't know she got married and that she is expecting!

    I am glad you got a Cricut too. I love it!


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