Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day

Renee & Jason came out to see me for Mother's Day. They brought me a beautiful plant, well at first if wasn't. They had been over to Renee's Dad's place and had left the poor plant in the hot car and it looked like it was not going to make it, but with my green thumb I brought it back to life. Poor Jason got the blame. Oh well! the plant is alive and healthy now. Thanks Renee & Jason for thinking about me on Mother's Day and for the really nice card. We went over to Bret's for dinner and it was delicious as usual. Bret gave me a really cute card and it made me laugh which I needed to do, as I had been sick with some kind of a sinus bug and it really dragged on for a week or two. I am just now starting to feel better. Thanks Heavens!
I made Renee show the progress of the new baby on it's way. In a couple of months we will know if it is a boy or girl and we are all anxiously waiting for that news. I can't believe that Sherry will be a grandma, I am excited for her as it has been a while since we have had babies to hold.
Lori S. came and visited during the week before and gave me a really cute planter and a nice card. Thanks, Lori I love you and miss seeing you. It is always nice having a good visit and catch up on families lives. Shiloh ended up getting a job at Bellagio as a life guard, and is going to live with Robyn during the summer break. Good for you Shiloh. Lani sent me a card in the mail and brigtened my day. Love you Lani and miss our visits too.
Sherry gave me a beautiful card too and we are going to go in to Vegas to her condo and stay a couple of nights and Sherry & I will have our Mother & Daughter's pedicure, and shopping trip. Can't wait as that is always fun to spend a day with my daughter.

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