Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Day Bowler Elementary

Kristen & Tom invited me to go to the twins, Addison and Ashton's, May Day dance at the Bowler Elemetary School. It was held at the fair grounds and it was so much fun to watch the kids dance. I can't even remember how many of these May Day dances I have gone to over the years. It brought back memories of Sherry, Bret, Garen, & Lori doing their May Day dances. They are still doing some of the same dances that my kids did.

This year it was on May 1st. Addison and Ashton did a good job, and I stayed for the whole thing as it was fun to watch all of the other classes do their dances. I got to see Taylor and have a little visit with him. It was nice to see Taylor interacting with his sister Kristen. I love to see family treating each other with love and respect. Love you guys and thanks for the fun evening Kristen & Tom and Addison and Ashton too. Sorry I didn't get the last two blogs in the right order, but oh well that is me a little backwards at times.

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