Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

 My posts aren't in the right order, but I wanted to post the Thanksgiving weekend photos.  My brother Allen and his wife Joyce drove down from Salt Lake City to spend Thanksgiving with us.  I was so happy that Joyce felt like traveling this year. My cousins Lorri and Josh drove from St. George to be with us too.  Bret, Laura and Sierra came and also my daughter Sherry.  After dinner Allen, Sherry, Lorri, and Bret gathered in my little living room.  Allen played the piano and the rest sang.  They had to hunt for songs that they knew in an old 80's song book.  My neighbors across the street could hear the music, and I am sure they were wondering what kind of party was going on at the old folks home. The pictures are a little fuzzy, but worth a thousand words.  They had so much fun, and it was fun to watch them.  I should have taken more pictures.  Frank and Josh were in the family room, and every now and then Josh would join in with them singing from a distance.  He had knee surgery a few days before, and was such a good sport to make the trip from St. George with his Mom.  It was so much fun to have them with us.  My special cousins from St. George.
 The piano is over 100 years old and was bought for me.  My Dad told me I had to learn the clarinet, before he would get me a piano.I hated that old silver thing, and felt like I had to blow my brains out to play it.  I wanted a nice Licorice (black) one.  I was a Jr. in high school when the piano was finally purchased.  So instead of me learning on it, Allen learned to play.  He taught himself.  He plays by ear, and can read music too. He also composes music. He is so talented and I am jealous as I have always wanted to play the piano.  The only time the old piano gets played is when Allen comes to visit.  I started to take lessons as an adult after a surgery I had.  I was told it was really good for the nerves.  I had been busy with kids, church responsibilities, etc. So I had taken some time off to heal.  I was just really learning to play a few songs, and enjoying practicing everyday.  I took lessons from the same teacher my girls took from.  She told me that it was too bad that I hadn't taken lessons when I was younger as I would have done well.  Then I had to go back to my busy schedule and couldn't keep up with the lessons, or maybe just didn't make time for me.  Now I can't remember anything and old Arther lets me know that my hands won't cooperate.
Another cute one of the family

 We were tired of turkey and went to Mesquite to Los Lupies for Mexican food the night before Allen and Joyce left.  We had fun eating, and visiting.
My sweet granddaughter Sierra, Bret and Laura.  We are waiting for our dinner.  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.  It is all about having family around, and I am looking forward to getting together on Christmas Eve for another fun family evening.

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