Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catching up - November 2013

Here are some more random pictures taken in November.  I thought the picture of Rozlynn and me was cute.  Even though I need a hair cut. I love it when Rozlynn cuddles up to me.

A cute photo of Rozlynn & Me
 I went to Jamie's birthday party and it was a lot of fun visiting with her family and friends.  Renee and Roz dropped by for a while and surprised Jamie.  They don't get to see each other very often.
Oct. 1st Jamie's Birthday party.  I had a lot of fun visiting everyone
 Grandpa bought an early birthday present for Roz, a bike with training wheels.  He bribed her for a hug.  He told her if she gave him a big hug he would buy her one.  She loves to play games with him by ignoring him and won't give him good by hugs.  Yet, the first thing she says when she comes into our home is "Where is Grandpa?"  He is usually in the office at his computer, and she goes running in there to see him.
Rozlynn getting ready to bike ride
 We bought Roz a pair of gloves as she was holding the handle bar grips too tight, and it was hurting her hands.  Now they are keeping her hands warm.

 Grandpa is giving her instructions about going to the side of the road if a car comes by.  He goes bike riding with her.  The last time they rode Rozlynn was singing the whole time.  If she sees any kids, she wants to stop and play with them.  She loves to play with kids.

Grandpa and Rozlynn heading out for a bike ride
Rozlynn's 4th year Birthday Party, November 18th.  I can't believe that she is four she is growing up so fast

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