Saturday, December 7, 2013

Catching up Again October Post

I have been a blog slacker for quite a while.  I just haven't felt like blogging, guess it is lack of energy.  So I want to post some pictures starting with Halloween 2013 and Grandparents Day at Bowler Elementary.

A while back, I was elated to hear from my old neighbors, Wendy and Kyle.  They were moving back to Logandale from Arizona.  Actually back into our subdivision.  They used to live next door to me, and were the best neighbors we have ever had.  The first thing that happened was that Frank and I were invited to Grandparents Day at Bowler Elementary.  Of course we said a big YES!!! It was so much fun to be with Allie.

They served breakfast and then we browsed the book fair that they have and Allie picked out a book.  The last time I saw her she told me she had just about finished the book.

 Then at the end the children's chorus sang, and it was so cute.  There was one song that I really liked.  I should have taken a video of it.  All in all it was a really fun day with Allie.  The only problem is, I want them to be back next door as we still don't get to seem them very often.  Maybe at church on Sundays and then not all the time.  I really miss them being next door.  At least we would just about get to see them every day, if nothing else just to say a quick Hi, and maybe chat for a few minutes.

 Frank helped me put up the Halloween decorations. We put some orange lights around the window, and added a few other new decorations.  Frank wasn't up to putting his old man mask on as his back was hurting, so it wasn't as much fun as it was last year.  Bret and Laura came over and helped give out the candy.  We took turns while trying to eat dinner. I had bought three big bags of candy, and Frank bought some more at our local store.  We only had a few pieces left, and had to turn the lights out. Luckily, I think most of the kids had come, except for some older kids.

Another view of the decorations.  I didn't get a picture of our big bat.  We have been putting him on the opposite end of the house, as he kind of scares the little ones.

Allie came by with a group of kids, and I had her come into the house as she was so cute in her costume.  I think Allie looks more and more like her Mom.  We sure love her.  All in all it was a fun Halloween night, and thanks Bret and Laura for coming over and helping out.

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