Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Grandkids

Rozlynn playing the piano and acting like she was reading the music from my Children's song book
Last weekend we met Renee at the Smoke Shop and picked up Rozlynn.  We had her over the weekend,  and we had a lot of fun with her.  I was her playmate and she wouldn't let me out of her sight.  Frank and I took her to the park and she didn't want to leave.  The first time she got an attitude with me.
I had Ozzie too as Sherry was visiting her Uncle Grant in South Carolina for a week.  We took him back to Vegas last Monday and picked Sherry up from the airport that night.  Ozzie was happy to be back home.  It was kind of nice to get home and have the house back to a normal environment. I was so tired, I had to take a nice long nap when we got home the next day.

Before hair cut picture
After Hair Cut
Back view of the hair cut
A sick Braxton
Renee told me she wanted to cut Rozlynn's hair and she did last week. The above is a before and after picture.  Nice to have a mommy as a Beautician. It looks so cute on her.

We went over to Mesquite last Wednesday for Frank's pain management appointment, and we stopped by to see Robyn and Braxton.  Braxton was a sick little guy and I felt so bad for him.  Robyn let him have his Binky to help sooth him.  He was all wrapped up in a blanket and was watching cartoons on TV.  Poor little guy tried to eat some soup, and it hurt his throat so bad he cried for quite a while, and it took Robyn some time to quite him down. He is a good little eater, but no appetite this day.  When we left, I wanted to hug Braxton but thought better of it. I sure didn't want to catch his virus. I texted Robyn Thursday to see how Braxton was doing and she said that he was acting a little better.

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