Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Salt Lake City Trip

We were waiting to ride the tracks to downtown Salt Lake City

My brother Allen and his wife Joyce

Mitch, my niece Megann, Joyce and Allen Luker

Mitch, Megann, Joyce, Allen, and Me

Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Can you believe this is a part of the Plaza

The Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Waterfall Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Mitch sitting on the hearth of this beautiful fireplace. I bet there is a fire going on  with the weather change.

This statue used to sit in the middle of the road and I used to have to drive around it.

Allen & I looking at the statue

Frank took this beautiful picture of the Salt Lake Temple  When I lived in Salt Lake I could see this temple from my bedroom window.

Frank & I having fun sight seeing Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

The reason we were in Salt Lake for this cute couples Temple Sealing Ryan & Melissa Luker

Statue of Joseph Smith in the Joseph Smith Building Used to be The Hotel Utah, a very high end hotel.

Dinner on the Roof Top of the Joseph Smith building My niece Miranda , Scarlet, and Pete

Scarlet having fun coloring

The beautiful Bountiful Temple where Ryan and Melissa were sealed

We had a wonderful time with my Brother and his family.  What a special experience to see Ryan and Melissa being sealed in this beautiful temple.  We could see the Great Salt Lake from there and there was a beautiful sunset going on.

It was so much fun riding the tracks to downtown Salt Lake and getting to see the beautiful Salt Lake City Creek Plaza, and touring the Temple grounds.  I couldn't believe the changes to my home town where I used to walk and shop.  My high school is not too far from the temple grounds and a group of us would walk downtown through the temple grounds and go to a store and buy a hot dog that would taste so good.  Then we would catch the city bus to go home.  I could recognize some of the old buildings that are still on main street.   The Salt Lake valley has grown so much, I hardly recognize it, and could get lost. Downtown Salt Lake has been transformed into a beautiful place, and is well worth a visit.

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