Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Where Does The Time Go

I have been feeling lousy lately and just haven't had the energy to sit and blog. I will be glad when allergy season is over. We have had a busy April so far and it looks like it will continue.  The 4th and 5th of April we were in Palm Springs area staying in a small town called Desert Hot Springs. This trip was to celebrate our 34th wedding anniversary. The whole trip was a wind blown experience, from Logandale and back.  We went to Desert Hot Springs through Barstow California. The trip was going well, until we had to come to a full stop on the freeway.  My first thought was that there had been an accident.  That turned out to be wrong.  Instead there was construction going on at all the bridges, and it caused the traffic to slow down and ended up at a dead stop, like stop and go.  It took us an hour to go 10 miles.  Any way I am going to post some pictures of our trip and make comments.
 This is a picture of our hotel.  It was a really nice.  It had a natural mineral fed spa and swimming pool.  We had full intentions of soaking in the spa.  It was an outdoor spa and pool.  The wind blew so hard and brought in a cold front, so no soaking in the spa.
 This is a distant view of our hotel and as you can see it sits in a desert climate.  It reminded me a lot of our area.
 This is a view of our drive home.  We drove a different route that took us through California, Arizona, to Nevada.  If you look close you can see a small home boarded up.  We saw a lot of these little boarded up abandoned homes.  Kind of made me wonder if it was on an Indian Reservation?  It was desert climate all the way home. Even though, I didn't see any signs saying that we were on a Indian Reservation.
 This should have been our first clue as to how much the wind blows in this area.  These wind generators were running constantly.  There was a huge area of these.
 We drove to Palm Springs and this is what we saw around a lot of the homes.  It was beautiful.  Palm Springs had some real pretty areas.  I still wouldn't go back there, too much like our area and Las Vegas. We should have gone to Salt Lake and stayed in our favorite hotel and visited family and friends.
 This was at a fancy hotel up the road from where we stayed.  We had a fancy dinner on our last night in Desert Hot Springs.  Had to take a picture of these beautiful flowers.  There is a mineral swimming pool in the back ground.  We saw some people coming out of the pool, and they were shaking and shivering from being cold.  That is why we didn't go in our hotel spa.
 We did get to go down to the tourest trap part of Palm Springs and we walked down one side of the street and came back the other side.  Wasn't really impressed, like I said tourest trap.  We wanted to ride the gondola but it was too windy so we didn't even check it out.  We decided we needed more than a two nights stay to explore more and to get to know the area.
Frank sitting on a pretty flower planter on our walk.  We discovered that Palm Springs isn't as windy as there our mountains around that protect it from the wind.  As soon as we headed for our hotel, the wind was blowing like crazy.  I doubt we will ever go to this area again. Too much like where we live and there are plenty of things to do in Vegas.  It was nice to get a way, but I have to admit the traffic on the way spoiled the trip.  It was much better coming home on a two lane highway with a lot less traffic.  It was a pleasant surprise to hit divided highway on the way to Vegas.  It has been a long time since we had been on this road.      

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