Saturday, March 31, 2012

Always Behind

Braxton showing off his new hair cut

 We had another girls day last Monday.  Robyn and Braxton came over from Mesquite, as Robyn brought Sherry some Essential Oils she had ordered.  We met at The Scoop for lunch, Jamie came a little late.  Sherry, Rozlynn, and I got there before the others and we were eating when Robyn and Jamie got there.  There were a lot of people eating at The Scoop that day, and we were lucky to get a table.  We decided to go back to Sherry's place so a we could free up a table for people who were waiting. Jamie got her food to go, and Renee showed up after we got to Sherry's. 

 I had so much fun playing with the little ones.  Braxton had a ton of curls and Robyn told me he was getting his hair cut the next day.  She posted the above picture on facebook right after the hair cut.  I can't believe how much older it makes him look. 

A week ago Friday, Renee had us bring Rozlynn out to Overton to stay with Renee's Dad's family.  It turned out to be a long day as Rozlynn ended up being sick and Renee had to take her to the doctor, and then she came and got me to sit in the car with Rozlynn while she went into Walmart to get a prescription for Roz.  It was a long wait in the car, over an hour.  Frank was sitting at Sherry's condo waiting for us to return so we could go home. He wasn't a happy camper that day.  He hates waiting for people who should have been there earlier.  

Poor Rozlynn, she has allergies, and she ended up with an ear infection.  It's no wonder that Rozlynn has allergies as I have them, my Mom had them, and Renee has them.  Grandma Jeanie, brought Roz over to me Sunday after church, and she was ready for a nap.  Sherry got here just as Roz woke up. I had a fun weekend playing with babies, or should I say toddlers.  This weekend is devoted to watching conference on TV.  

I forgot to post on my 34th anniversary, March 25th.  I can't believe that we have been married that long.  The time has flown by, and it has been a wonderful 34 years with my hubby.  We are planning a trip to Palm Springs to celebrate. Frank is getting closer to his goal weight, and it is going to be hard to stick to his diet on our trip.  It is getting hard to fix food for me and to know he would love to have some.  I have been trying to make stuff that he doesn't really care for, but at this stage of the game, anything looks good to him. I miss going out to eat once in a while.  

We went to Scoop tonight, and I ordered the new shrimp dinner they have, and I was disappointed as they were the real small ones.  Too expensive for what it was.  I have some Jumbo shrimp in my freezer and I will cook them the next time I want shrimp. I know we always eat at The Scoop, but we only have two restaurants, and a McDonalds in our valley.  Not much of a choice, and Mesquite is 45 miles away.

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