Sunday, April 22, 2012

Busy, Busy April

This month has been one busy month, first our Anniversary trip to the Palm Springs area, then the fair with my St. George cousins, and a visit from my sister-in-law Artelle. We had Easter Sunday with Renee, Rozlynn, and Sherry.  Add in the doctor appointments that Frank had, one on Thursday and another on Friday the 19th and 20th.
 Renee came Saturday the day before Easter and we colored eggs.  Rozlynn is making crayon designs on the eggs.  She had so much fun, and it was fun watching her.
Renee's sisters Jordan and Alisha helped Rozlynn hunt the eggs.  Once Rozlynn got the hang of it, she ran all over the place finding surprise eggs.
 Before Rozlynn hunted eggs, Renee put her Easter dress on.  She looks like a doll.  She is getting ready for the hunt.
On Wednesday the 11th, my sister in law from the Salt Lake area came our way for a visit. She stopped in St. George to meet our St. George cousins for lunch, so she was able to visit a lot of our family.
It was just a one day visit and we took Artelle to Vegas for dinner and then over to Sherry's condo so she could see Sherry.  Artelle said her tongue was sore from talking so much as we all wanted to hear about her family news.  We had to leave the next morning to head to Mesquite for a doctor's appointment for Frank, and Artelle headed back to Salt Lake.  She followed us to Mesquite and as we got off the freeway exit for Mesquite, Artelle drove by blowing kisses our way.  I sent her some back.  I was a little sad to see her go as we don't get to see each other very often.  I hope we won't go so long in between visits.

Frank has lost over 50 lbs and we couldn't wait to see his cardiologist on the 20th.  When Doctor Savorn saw the blood test results and they were all normal.  He was really excited and was so proud of Frank.  He told us he would be out of business if all of his patients did what he asked them to do, and that is lose weight.

I noticed that the majority of his patients in the waiting room were over weight some more than others.  I should say they were obese.  Dr. Savron took Frank off of one of his heart medications, and said that he would be taken off more if Frank continued to lose weight, and keep it off.  He advised Frank on what to do to keep it off, and he highly recommended building muscles to help with his metabolism.   Dr. Savron told Frank that he had reduced his heart risk significantly.  He smiled through the whole visit.  Now if we could just get his pain under control and Frank could get off from pain meds I know he would feel a whole lot better.

Frank may have to have surgery on his shoulder as he has a bone spur that has caused his shoulder pain.  We will know as soon as he has an MRI.  Frank knows that he will have to have Physical Therapy and is dreading that already. I am hoping if they have to do surgery, they can do it microscoply, which would be a less painful procedure.

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