Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family Fun

March 14th was Bret's 49th birthday and it is so hard to believe that many years have flown by.  I keep telling my kids to quit having birthdays as they make me feel ancient.  It seems like I still should be their age.  We celebrated Bret's birthday by going to Los Lupies in Mesquite our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

Laura, Bret, and Sierra

Birthday Boy, and Laura

Grandma, Grandpa , and Merritt

Bret with his family

We went to Mesquite yesterday for Frank's Pain Management appointment, and we got to see this little guy and his Mommy as they live right across the street from the clinic.  This is an old picture on his birthday, but this was what he did for us and was going around on the tile 90 MPH. We had a nice visit and had fun with Braxton. Monday is our cleaning day so it was a real busy day, having to be in Mesquite at 1 PM.  After we visited with Robyn and Brax, we went to Smiths to shop for salad stuff as I had to make a salad for a friend in our ward who is moving.  The first thing I smelled was fresh french bread as we entered the store and I grabbed a loaf to go with the salad.  I wanted to buy me one too, but I have been trying to be good with my diet, and white bread isn't on the menu.  I got home just in time to make the salad finish the wash, and deliver the meal.  Debbie, my partner came and picked me up.  She had made a pork chop casserole and it smelled so good.  I got the recipe from her so I can try it sometime.


 Frank has lost over 40 lbs now.  We bought him some new pants and shirts as everything he has in his closet is too big.  It is getting hard for him to stick to the diet after eating salads and the Medifast food since the middle of January.  So he gained 1 pound back and he was upset, so he has knuckled down and is sticking to the diet again.  He really didn't cheat that much, but I think when you have lost as much weight as he has he may have hit a plateau.  He wants to lose 20 some odd pounds more.  I keep telling him he reminds me of the man I married 34 years ago.  

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