Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thirty Three Years and Counting

Frank and I celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary yesterday, March 25.  I look at this happy couple and I hardly recognize them - so young.  I was 37 and Frank was 36.  We reminisced all day yesterday as to what we were doing 33 years ago.  Frank always remembers that he washed the windows of my home.  They were really hard windows to wash as they were high and a ladder had to be used to wash the outside, and they were dual paned but the old fashioned kind that you had to take one out and then the other one.  I guess you would say they were double windows. 

What a trooper Frank was to take on that task.  I used to sit on the ledge of the open window and clean them and also I had to stand up and hold on the window as I reached for the tops of them.  I am sure people saw me from the road and thought I was living dangerously.  I sure wouldn't do it now, in fact I couldn't do it now. I am so glad we are living in a much smaller home and the windows are ground level.  Frank always teases me and says "I need to wash the windows on the our anniversary as that is what I was doing 33 years ago."  I told him no way did he have to celebrate our anniversary washing windows.  I did get to go to Vegas the day before our anniversary and get a pedicure and manicure.  I told Frank that would be my anniversary gift.  It doesn't take much to please me any more.  I don't need diamonds and trinkets, a massage, pedicure, and manicure are what pleases me now.
We went to Paul last week and I made a big mistake in not looking at the rating.  We had seen the clip on TV and all we could see was a funny ET character and of course they used a funny clip.  So we thought lets go and see something funny.  BIG MISTAKE!!!! We really should have gotten up and left.  I have never seen a movie with so many F bombs, and so many cuss words in my life.  Then I felt it really put God down in a bad way.  It's strange as it got a B+ rating, and my daughter had a girl at work tell her she had to go and see it as it was soooo funny.  It is strange what people consider funny, and also how they rate things.  It just makes me know that our world is in bad shape (EVIL) and there will be A Cleansing of America and maybe sooner than we think.  Just look at the news, and that tells it all. 
For our anniversary we went to see Limitless and it was so much better than Paul, of course the rating wasn't R either.  It isn't one that we would buy as we felt it dragged a little, but it did get better as it went on.  Our favorites so far are Unstoppable, and Unknown.  Limitless couldn't even compare to either one of these.  After the movie we went to Casa Blanca and I had the Friday special of steak and lobster, one of my favorite dinners.

We really did want to do something more, like a small trip somewhere, but the weather was bad every where and neither one of us really had the energy to travel.  Is that a sign of age or what?  We used to love to travel not to far from home and see places of interest like Death Valley - Scotty's Castle, etc.  I am glad we did make a lot of those trips as with gas and our energy level we don't do much traveling any more.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Bret

Well, I did it again I forgot to take my camera to Bret's birthday dinner.  His birthday was on March 14 and I can't believe that he is 48.  It really makes me feel my age when I see the ages of my kids.  When Garen turns 47 on May 29th my kids will be 47, 48, and 49.  Yes, Sherry will be hitting the big 50 in August and that is even harder to believe.  Oh yeah! I know what your comment will be. "You must have been crazy to have kids so close."  Some how I made it through and added in a couple of step daughters along the way.

Any way, Bret's Mother in law went all out and made Bret his favorite dinner.  Lean sirloin steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy, home made rolls, green beans, and salad.  Then his favorite birthday cake, Angel Food with different fruit toppings and whipped cream.  It was delicious, and I could have eaten a dozen rolls.  Sherry was able to make it to the dinner, and then had to head to Vegas for her work week. 

Laura is recuperating from surgery, and we all sure hope she gets well fast.  The color is coming back to her face.  She was so pale it was scary.  I am glad she is on the healing end of the surgery.  It is always good to have any kind of surgery over with.  Well, hopefully I will remember to take my camera to the next event. 

Random Things

Once again I have been a blog slacker.  I really don't have any excuses except for fatigue my constant companion.  Then there hasn't been too much going on to blog about.  I think I have been feeling like my life is a repeat of things I do every day.  Here is how it goes.

1.  Wake up around 6:30 am get up and take my sleep appliance out, brush my teeth and the appliance.  Then crawl back into bed, turn on the TV and wait for a little energy to get up.

2.  Get up open all the blinds, mark off the calendars, turn on our computers, grab my pills, blood sugar tester, and head for the kitchen.

3.  Test my blood sugar, grab a bowl of cereal, take all my pills.  Make some green tea and hope that it will give me the energy to get moving.

4.  Head for the "dreadmill"  walk on it for 30 minutes doing 1 1/2 miles. 

5.  Drag myself to the shower trying not to sit down because I know I won't get up for another 30 minutes.

6.  Start the routine house cleaning, and hoping that I will have an energy surge to do my spring cleaning.  Then it is lunch time and trying to think what to fix is a big decision for me, let alone dinner later on.  Nothing sounds good any more.

Sounds really exciting huh?  Honesty I have lost all interest in things, and I am going to have to motivate myself to get back into genealogy, and get my my daughter's scrap book done that I started two years ago.  Sad, but true, two years have flown by and it still isn't finished.  Then there is the dreaded spring cleaning that keeps bugging me and weighs heavily on my mind.  Why do I have to be such a clean freak?  Seriously I am glad that I am, but I just have to realize that I can't do it all in one or two days like I used to.

A couple of weeks ago Frank and I went to a base ball game fund raiser called the Sandoval - Robison scholarship fund. It is done in Shawn's and BJ's memory.  They both died at young ages.  Shawn died of a heart defect at age 25 and BJ was killed in a motor cyclye accident.   We were able to see Robyn (Shawn's sister) Eric, and Braxton.  Look at how tall he is getting.  Robyn has lost all of her baby weight and as always looks like a model.
Shiloh, Shawn's little brother, dropped by to see us and that was a nice surprise.  He ended up playing in the second baseball game.  He was getting over a bug, and wasn't planning on playing, but once he got there and saw some of his friends, he decided to play.  They rounded up some clothes for him to play in.  Shawn and BJ both played base ball for Moapa Valley High School.  In fact Shawn got a base ball scholarship in SD. By the way, Shawn is my grandson, not by blood, but from my second marriage.  I raised his mom from the time she was eight. It was nice to see her and visit with her at the baseball game.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Nerve Stimulator for Frank

We stayed in Vegas last Monday night with Sherry so Frank could have the out patient surgery to put the nerve stimulator in his back on Tuesday morning.  He was the first patient and we thought that he wouldn't have to wait too long for the procedure.  They took him back right on time, but then he told me he had to wait in a room for almost an hour before they came to get him for the surgery.  He was getting so anxious and upset about being in the patient room so long that he about got up and left.  Just as that thought was crossing his mind the nurse came and got him.

I was in the waiting room watching the time and reading a book.  Finally the nurse called me on my cell to tell me that Frank would be ready to leave in about 15 minutes.  I guess she thought I had gone home, I told her that I was in the waiting room.  She said she would come out and get me when they were ready for me to come back to the surgery area.  Finally, the nurse came and got me and took me to Frank.

There was a representative from the nerve stimulator company and they wanted me there while he was explaining everything about how to operate it.  Frank acted like it was working for him as he was laying there in the bed, and I was thinking how great it would be for him.

Well, once we got in the car he complained of the lump that was on his back and when we got home he had me look at his back to see if I could figure out what it was.  Well, as it turned out it was the surgical area and I think where the stimulator was.  It was pressing right on the area where Frank has a lot of his back pain.  We were both so disappointed in this outcome of more pain for him.

He could hardly wait to get back into Vegas Thursday to have it taken out.  They just had to pull out the two wires that they had fed up his spine.  He acted so much better after we left the office and he was free of the device.  The PA told Frank that the nerve stimulator really didn't work well on low back pain.  So I am thinking why didn't they tell us before he went through the surgery.  So now our next endeavor is for Frank to go on a diet and try to lose weight as we know that will help his back and legs.  We are going to try the Medifast for him, and I will try to diet on my own.  I am thinking about "The Clean Diet."