Friday, August 5, 2011

I Cried Uncle the other Day

Since our Cockatoo died a few years ago, I have been feeding birds in my back yard.  I guess to fill the void of losing Cami. I have this big bush close to my patio where we placed the feeder and I can watch out my dining room window.  I call it my bird bush.  It is a Mock Orange and just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.

It has been a lot of fun watching the birds come to the feeder.  There have been families of quail visiting underneath the bush as the smaller birds would dump seed when they were eating from the feeder above the bush.  The bigger birds would try and eat from the feeder and scare the smaller ones away.  Well guess where the smaller birds would go.......yes my patio.  I would go out to my patio and have to walk across bird poop.  It stuck to the patio like glue, and it was hard to wash off.  So the other day I cried Uncle and came into the house and told Frank "please move the feeder way out back, I am sick and tired of bird poop!!!!" 

So Frank moved it out back closer to our fence, and I am a happy camper now as the patio is staying cleaner, but today I noticed that some birds are still coming on to the patio and pooping.  It isn't quite as bad as it was.  I still throw some seed under the bird bush for the quail as they have been bringing their babies to eat there.  I love watching them as the babies grow and also how protective the papa quail are of their brood.  They chase any bird that isn't in their brood away, so guess where some of them end up...yep back on my patio waiting for the quail to leave so they can feed.  I guess I will leave it this way for a while, or I may cry Uncle again, and quit putting food under the bush for the quail and just watch them from a distance. 

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