Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Heat is ON & More Bad News

Frank took me to Mesquite today so I could have my mammogram.  I couldn't believe how hot it was for being the end of September.  On the way home our car thermometer read 109 and that is just unbelievable to me.  I don't ever remember the temperature being this hot this time of year.  So I believe in the Global Warming and wonder where it stops.  Is the earth going to burn up?  I am still waiting for the coolness of fall weather.  If I had my way, we would skip summer and just have fall and winter.

Yesterday, I had a fun afternoon with my daughter, as we went up to Moapa and visited with Jamie and her friend Kessa.  Kessa was making cupcakes and made a cream cheese frosting to go on them.  She passed around the beaters and we all had a lick.  Yummy, it was so good we didn't want to stop.  Kessa's baby even got in on the treat, but much to our surprise, she didn't seem to like it.  When we left Kessa loaded us up with some fresh peaches from Utah, and some garden tomatoes, and gave me some okra that I am going to cook tonight for dinner.  Frank will love that as he loves fried Okra.

When I got home, Frank was on the phone and then handed it to me and said it was for me.  It was my cousin Penny, and she had some bad news about her grandson BJ.  He has been having some stomach problems for quite a while now.  Penny made him an appointment with the doctor and the news didn't sound good after an X-Ray.  There are some growths like lymph nodes that are unusual in his stomach.  Monday, he will find out if it is cancer or something else.  So Penny was asking for our prayers.  So every time I think about it I shoot a prayer up to Heaven for our BJ.  He is just a kid in my eyes of maybe 22 or 23, and just met the love of his life. 

We have a friend in our church ward that was diagnosed with colon cancer and it has spread all through his body and he is terminal.  Frank took him into Vegas last Friday for a radiation treatment as they are trying to give him some more time on this earth with his family.  Then I have a younger friend that had to have both of her breast removed and is going through Chemo treatments, and then just today she blogged about a daughter in law that had a tumor removed from her neck and it has been deemed cancer.  I blogged about my Grand daughter Renee's Father in law having Stomach cancer and is living on borrowed time.  Wow! is this and epidemic or what?  Then I have another younger friend who has a very rare cancer tumor in his heart.  It is so rare that they don't even know what course of treatment to use.  He is terminal too. They are doing some radical radiation and Chemo on him and he has to be hospitalized during the treatment.  This is to try and give him some more time with his family.

Today as I was getting my mammogram, I was thinking what if they find a cancer tumor in me?  I know it is because of all of these people in my life who have cancer.  Tomorrow I go in for a CT-scan to have a hernia checked out, and I am thinking to myself this is how my son found out he had kidney cancer.  Wow! I have to stop thinking this way!  I will be glad to get the results of both x-rays.  Then I can breathe easier.  I have always said "Lord just give me a quick heart attack."  Well, I will blog the results of my x-rays when I get them.  I know I am just being paranoid.

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