Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun Day in Vegas

Rozlynn checking out Ozzie

Last Sunday we went in to Vegas to spend the night with Sherry as Frank had a doctor's appointment early Monday morning.  Renee and Rozlynn came over to her Mom's place Monday morning.  We had a lot of fun just watching Rozlynn play and I couldn't believe how fast she can crawl.  We played with her on the floor, watched her trying to catch Ozzie, Sherry's cat, and how they interacted together.  Much to my surprise Ozzie was very patient with Rozlynn.  When he had enough he would just run off. 

He crawled into his travel cage, and Rozlynn soon found him and tried to play with him in his cage.  As you can see Rozlynn is walking all around the couch and it won't be long before she will be walking.  I can't believe all the changes in between the times I get to see her.  I tried to get a picture of her cute little face as she is always puckering up and making a big O with her mouth and saying woo, woo.  She is so dang cute when she does this.  I could never catch her at the right moment with the camera.

Frank got her to do a high five with him, and as long as he didn't pick her up she interacted with him, and played with him.  May be next time she will remember him.  She has been afraid of him in the past and cries if he picks her up.  Later we all had lunch at the Cafe Rio, and of course it was yummy.  We had packed the car to go home after eating, so we headed home ready to kick back and relax.  For some reason I was exhausted.  I didn't take my sleep apnea appliance in with me, so I am thinking I didn't sleep very well. 

Well, that catches me up with the blog.  Not too much going on in our lives right now that is exciting.  Our next big outing will be a trip to Utah for a family reunion in October which we are looking forward too.

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