Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stressful Week

On  Tuesday, June 19th, Frank and I went to Saint George to have our car serviced, and to shop for a new love seat or recliner.  We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel and then headed out to window shop at a couple of furniture stores.  We went to Ashley Furniture store first and found one we liked, but we wanted to shop around and be sure that we would be comfortable in what ever we bought.

Frank trying out the recliner  I look at this picture and notice that Frank is pale

We found another one we liked at Boulevard Furniture and of course it was a much more expensive set.  We are going to have to buy the whole sectional as we will never be able to match our sectional that we have now.  The love seat is twisted on Frank's side as he is always trying to get away from his back pain and twists in his chair and after so long the chair is crooked.

We were both exhausted and headed home.  After a long nap, Frank came into the office, where I was working on my computer, and fessed up that he had been having chest pain and he was sure it wasn't heart burn.  We decided to head to Vegas to the ER  at St. Rose Dominican, Siena Hospital in Henderson as that is close to Sherry's condo and if Frank had to stay in the hospital I would be able to stay with her and not have too far to go to the hospital.

After several hours of testing, the ER doctor wanted to admit Frank for further testing the next day.  After talking with Frank and the doctor telling Frank that all the tests done so far showed that he had not had a heart attack and his blood work was good.  Frank talked the doctor into releasing him after one more blood ensign test.  It was good so Frank told the doctor that he wanted to go to his own heart doctor.  They released him with Frank promising he would see his heart doctor as soon as possible.  BIG MISTAKE!!!!

The pain got worse and by Saturday Frank was in sever pain and I told him we needed to get him back to Vegas to the ER.  I don't drive in Vegas so I had to hunt my son down and found him running his errands.  I told him what was going on and he hopped into my car and we picked up Frank and headed to the ER at UMC.  As we were told by our heart doctor that they had the best cardiology center and that is where I had my angiogram

It took forever for them to admit Frank and get him into a room.  It was one frustration after another, as they scheduled an angioplasty for the next morning only for Frank to be told he wasn't on the schedule. Long story short finally on Monday morning the 24th Frank had the angioplasty and ended up with two more stents, so he now has six stents in his heart.  It was so stressful as we had been told a long time ago that if Frank had any more problems, it would have to be open heart surgery.  Prayers were answered, and the doctor was able to put stents in.  Frank's vein was plugged up at 95%.  He was a heart attack about to happen.

Frank was released Tuesday the 25th, and we are so happy to be home.  I was very disappointed in the hospital as it was dirty, the public bathrooms were filthy dirty and to me the right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing. The room Frank was in had been a private room turned into a double bed room.  The nurses didn't have enough room to bring there testing equipment in.  There wasn't a chair for me to sit in, and the room was dirty. Made me worry about germs.  Hind sight is that we should have never left St. Rose the first trip to ER.  

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