Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good News

My friend Paula had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday to find out her course of treatment for breast cancer.  I was so elated to hear that the test showed they had removed all the cancer cells in her last surgery, and that she would not need chemo therapy. They will be scheduling her for follow up radiation treatments.

I was doing the happy dance along with Paula and both us agreed that we would have to have a celebration day of fun along with Peggy our other close friend.

Paula and I go way back raising our families together.  We shared many ups and downs in our lives and helped each other go through them.  I have always told Paula that she was more like a sister to me and she feels the same way about me. All I can say is that Prayers are answered.

I had some more good news the other day.  My niece Megann is pregnant with her first baby.  She has struggled with health problems that made it hard for her to get pregnant.  So once again the happy dance for Megann.

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