Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Sunday with the Family

Rozlynn having fun with Easter surprises from Grandma Sherry can I say spoiled!!!

Grandpa trying on Rozlynns new Easter hat

Rozlynn with her new Easter hat

Beautiful granddaughter Sierra

Mommy taking a self picture

Resting after eating a big dinner

Bret hiding eggs Sierra supervising

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday with the family.  The only disappointing thing was I cooked my turkey breast in my Ninja cooker, and it turned out tough and not moist.  Lesson learned, I will cook turkey breast in my regular crock pot next time.  Bret & Laura brought some fantastic barbecue pork ribs. Mashed potatoes & plenty of gravy to go over the turkey, dressing, all kinds of veggies, etc.  Then later on, hot fudge sundaes.  We were all stuffed.

Then we went out on the patio after dinner to watch Rozlynn hunt for the pretty Easter eggs that she and her mommy made the day before.  We watched Rozlynn draw on the patio with chalk, and Laura helped.  Cute sidewalk art.  The weather was perfect with a cool breeze as we sat around visiting and playing with Roz.

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