Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Story of the Drift Creek Covered Bridge

When we went to Portland to pickup Sherry and Lorri, we saw a sign that said Driftcreek Covered Bridge.  This aroused my curiosity and I told Frank that we needed to check it out before we left Lincoln City.

The last week of our vacation, we decided to take a little drive to check out the bridge.  As I walked inside the bridge, I noticed a bench with some papers under a rock.  So I took one and discovered the story of how this bridge was moved and rebuilt on this site. It is kind of long, but I found it very interesting and decided to put it on my blog.

I wondered as I finished the story if the marriage made it through the trial of restoring this bridge.  I hope so. The bridge was well worth the trip to see it, and it became more meaningful after reading the story behind it.
Sorry about the smaller print on the top part, but I couldn't get it to enlarge or make it bolder.

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