Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Ready for our Trip

Busy Bees Again
 We have been super busy trying to get things done before we leave on our vacation.  I cleaned out my pantry Saturday and threw away stuff that had been in there way too long and then threw away a lot of things that would go bad.  The birds loved me and I couldn't believe how fast they ate all that I put out there for them.

There are some blackbirds that don't like crackers or dry cereal, so they take the food to the water I have out there for them, and dunk the pieces of food in the water.  One water dish looked like a bowl of mush.  Gross!!!!

We are going in to Vegas tomorrow and have a hair day with Renee.  That was on our to do list.  I know my hair will look horrible before we get back from our extended vacation.  I may have to at have it trimmed before we get back to Renee. I have tried to get a lot of things done early, like stopping the newspaper, making sure our laptop works, hiring someone to take care of our yard, putting things in our spare bedroom that I want to take with us, and making a list so I can check things off.  I know I will forget something, but I hope I remember the important stuff.  As it gets hotter, the more excited we get about going to Lincoln City, OR.  Our little rental is two blocks away from the ocean.  We will be wearing winter clothes again. 
Renee posted this picture on Facebook.  She and Rozlynn are getting ready to go swim in the pool in her subdivision.  I had to post this as it is so cute.  I will get to see Renee tomorrow but not Rozlynn.  I was able to see Roz last week when I went in to Vegas to get my pedicure and manicure.  We picked up Roz at Renee's beauty shop and took her to Grandma Sherry's condo.  I played with Roz until Sherry got home.  She never stopped talking.  We played make believe, going to the store, shopping for food and coming home and putting it in the fridge, and cupboards.  Roz would have to run to PaPa and tell him everything we were doing.  It was a lot of fun, and I can't believe how fast she is growing up.  Before I know it, she will be starting school as time seems to just fly by.  She is so smart, knows a lot of her colors, numbers, etc.  She will be more than ready for kindergarten when that time comes.  She learns a lot in her day care as it is very structured.

We took Bret and his family to Los Lupies last Saturday for a farewell dinner as we all will be going our separate ways this summer.  Sierra left on a jet plane early Sunday morning and is in Idaho with her other grandparents.  We will miss seeing her and the rest of my family.  Have a fun summer everyone.

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