Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fun with Lorri and Rozlynn

Program from the play

I have been trying to post for a couple of days now and found that there was a problem and I couldn't post anything.  Finally after checking everything out, I had to download Chrome Google in order for Blogger to work.  I hate it when things change.  I get used to using the program, and then they change it.  They do the same thing on Facebook, always making changes.  I guess it keeps us on our toes, especially old folks like me.

On Friday February 10, Frank and I headed to St. George to spend the weekend with Lorri and to see another play at Tuacahn High School.  Frank made arrangements with Bill to play golf.  We went to Penny and Bill's home first so Frank and Bill could take off to golf.  They went to a golf course in Hurricane, and the best news is that Frank was able to play nine holes and he did really well for someone who hasn't golfed for a couple of years or longer.

I spent the day with Lorri and Penny.  We had lunch and then decided to visit instead of shop.  I was to pooped to even think about shopping for clothes.  We went to Penny's home and visited until the guys came home from golfing.

Lorri had fixed dinner in the crock pot so it was all ready to serve up.  We had pot roast with the works, and a chicken dish. Bill and Penny ate with us, and it was yummy.  Frank was able to stay on his diet while we were there. Lorri made a big salad especially for Frank so he could have his lean and green meal.

The next morning after lunch, Lorri and I headed to Dillard's in the mall, and she helped me shop for some clothes.  Lorri was great! She left me in the dressing room and would bring me clothes to try on, get a different size usually smaller as all the X-Larges were too big for me Yea!!  I bet I tried on at least 20 things before I made up my mind as to what I would buy.  We almost made ourselves late to get to the play "How to Succeed."  Josh didn't have a main part in the play, but he was in the chorus.

It was a lot of fun to see the same actors that we had seen in the last play, but the pleasant surprise was they sang this time as it was a musical.  Wow! Wow!  What talent.  It was hilarious and we really enjoyed it. We went to the matinee, and after the play we were hungry so we went to Taco Bell so Frank could have a taco salad.  We headed for home as we had to be home to help with the genealogy class on Sunday.

Rozlynn and Grandpa
Rozlynn and Grandma

A week ago, Frank and I went in to Vegas to spend the day with Sherry.  She was baby sitting Rozlynn and we wanted to spend some time playing with Rozlynn.  Frank went to a golf course and hit some balls while I stayed and played with Rozz.   She is so much fun and talks up a storm now.  I don't understand a lot of what she is saying, but just go along with the conversation.  We sang Itsy Betsy Spider, and a few other songs that are in a book she has.  She loves to sing, and we danced too.  We ended up bringing Rozz home with us and dropped her off at Renee's Dad's home.  As soon as we hit the freeway Rozz was sound asleep.  She was on the dead go all day with us, so she was worn out.  

You can see the difference in the pictures. Frank has lost over 30 lbs. The above picture is before weight loss. 

Frank making his diet shake for breakfast.  You can tell that he is sick.  I am so proud of him for sticking to such a hard diet.

As careful as we are, Frank has picked up the bug that is going around.  He is really sick and because of losing his appetite, he has lost more weight than usual on his diet.  He has lost over 30 lbs. and he has had to dig in his closet for smaller clothes.  I told him he is looking more like the man I married.  We are supposed to go to Vegas tomorrow for a hair day with Renee, but it looks like we will have to cancel and go next week sometime.  I just hope I don't catch the bug from Frank.

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