Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bad News

We have been anxiously waitng for the CT-Scan results that was done on BJ, grandson of my Cousin Penny, and he is Lisa's son.  He had swollen lymphmodes in his stomach.  Here is what his Mom posted on facebook today.

"Bj is being referred to an oncologist for more testing, nothing to stress out about quite yet but still are concerned, he has enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen, and other symptoms to not completely rule out lymphoma, but in early enough stage that we wait have more scans and if gets worse then he will go through a bone marrow test, so still no real answers yet, we pray, don't stress and be patient!"

BJ is only 22, and just recently got engaged.  He served a two year mission and his life is just beginning.  It literally makes me sick to my stomach that this has happened to him.  His Mom is going to have a baby girl soon, and has had her trials with the pregnancy.  Now this has hit the family like a bomb shell.  There have been so many prayers in BJ's behalf and still many more going on.  So we all have to keep the faith going, and hope and pray that the cancer has been caught in it's early stages, and can be cured.  I know he will have to go through some tough times with treatments.  I still can't believe all the cancer in our family and friends.  Something is going on with the environment, eating habits, etc.  Way too many people being diagnosed with cancer these days.

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  1. Oh Donna! This is terrible news...but we will keep BJ and his family in our prayers. God Bless you all.


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