Friday, October 29, 2010

Catching Up

Not too much has been going on since we went to Utah for my family reunion.  We went to St. George last Friday and Saturday.  I went to a healer to see if he could help me.  When he put his hands over my stomach area I definitely felt something going on.  It felt like a rumbling was starting, and then it felt like something was running through that area, like water running in a creek.  It didn't start out very well, as there had been a lack of communication's between his wife and him as there had been a cancellation and she called me to see if I wanted to take it.  So as we were waiting for what we thought was too long of a time, the healer came out and it appeared that he was going home.  He spotted us and asked if we were there to see him.  So any way, to cut a long story short, he took us back to his room and he didn't explain anything, and just asked me what my health problems were and then proceeded to put his hands in the area of problems.  I doubt I will be going back. 

I did this out of desperation as I don't seem to get any answerer's from my doctors.  Except diet, and exercise. Diabetes takes all the life out of me, and fatigue is my constant companion, and just not feeling well in general.  Frank wasn't impressed at all, I could read his mind.  He was thinking "Quack".  I don't think so, but felt he should have taken some time to explain things to me.  So yes, I was disappointed in the whole thing.  Several people from our valley have gone to him and he has really helped them.

I have been faithfully walking on my "dreadmill" and have a stack of old VHS movie tapes that I have watched while walking.  I am wearing pants that I couldn't wear a while back, but I don't think I have lost any weight, I guess inches are a good thing.  I really need to watch my diet better and eat more healthy by adding more vegetables. I think my carbs are getting out of hand. It is soooo hard is all I can say.  If I had one wish, I would wish for a special dietitian to cook all my meals for me, snacks included.

Last Saturday we drove back over to St. George and went to our hotel and kicked back a while until it was time for me to go to my cousins baby shower.  Lisa is 43 years old and is having a third baby.  Her other children are all raised and in their 20's.  She has had a tough time with this pregnancy as she has had several health problems, one of the latest is gestational diabetes.  She will be having the baby early, and more than likely within the next few weeks.  I will be glad when it is over for her and her beautiful baby girl Cienna arrives. 

The baby shower was really nice and a lite dinner of soup and salad, and rolls were served.  It was a lot of work for Grandma Penny mother of Lisa, and she said that would be the last party she does.  She was worn out.  Her sister, Lorri helped and never stopped the whole time we were there.  I helped clean up a little as I was feeling sorry for them. Lisa got a lot of nice things for the baby. I was so exhausted that I didn't even feel like taking pictures and there was a beautiful cake I would have liked to have a picture of.  I am just learning how to use my new camera, and that didn't help matters.

Yesterday as I was cleaning and dusting, my attention was drawn to a picture of Merritt my grandson, and I thought to myself, "I haven't seen him nor heard from him in quite a long time, maybe I won't hear from him anymore."  So what happens last night as we were just finishing up dinner, I received a phone call from him, and it made my day.  We chit chatted about how things were going in his life as far as work, school, etc.  He finally got a car, and I was so glad as he was riding the bus back and forth to work, and now college is added to his agenda.  A while back the bus he was riding was shot at, and that made me know how unsafe Vegas is and unsafe the bus ride and waiting for the bus could be.  So a car for him is a good thing and makes me feel a whole lot better.  I am really proud of him for working hard, and getting into college, where his goal is to become a doctor.  So keep up the good work Merritt.  I love you bunches!!!!

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