Saturday, February 6, 2010

Doctor, Doctor

Frank & I headed to Vegas last Thursday to get hair cuts and colour for me. That was a mistake as Frank was sick and should have been home resting. He shook a friends hand at church without thinking about the friend coughing all during our Sacrament meeting. So we are sure he got the bug from him. Why don't people stay home when they are sick?!!!!

Renee planned on meeting us at Olive Garden so we could enjoy lunch together before our hair appointments. She was an hour late as poor baby Rozlynn wasn't doing too well. She was only drinking an ounce of milk from the bottle and threw it all up, and was screaming at the top of her lungs when Renee talked to the baby sitter on the phone. By the time Renee got to Olive Garden, she was in tears. I told her we could wait and do my hair on another day if she needed to go home. Well, it all turned out okay as the baby settled down and went to sleep. Jason had gone home to give Rozlynn a breathing treatment and they think that is what is causing some of the problems, the breathing treatments. So they stopped the treatments a day early. I sent Frank to Sherry's condo as I could see him getting sicker by the minute and I wanted him to get some rest. Renee cut and coloured my hair and wow! I felt like a new person.

I went home with Renee, and as soon as Renee held the baby and cuddled her, she fell asleep. I got to hold and love her for a while. The last I heard the baby was doing better. Today Jason took care of her while Renee went to work. He is such a good daddy as he has no problem changing diapers, and taking care of her. Renee had to go to work before she was ready as Jason took a big cut in pay, and as she says, he is lucky to still have a job. People are still losing their jobs and it is so frightening.

The reason I titled this post Doctor, Doctor, is I feel like all Frank & I do is go to doctors. My follow up appointment was good all except for the EKG that I had a couple of weeks ago. It showed that I have had a heart attack. So I have an appointment with the same cardiologist that Frank goes to. I knew something wasn't right but was in denial. I was having some real irregular heart beats and I have been feeling more fatigued than usual and have had some shortness of breath and a heaviness and uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I go to Dr. Savron on the 19th and I know he will run me through the mill. I have to admit I was a little shocked, and now frightened about all of this and it is on my mind constantly. Old age is really not fun!!!!! I want to be able to post some really good news, and be able to laugh and do something fun.

Poor Frank is really sick and couldn't wait to get home yesterday. I had to go in and check on him a few times this morning as he slept in later than usual. When we got home from Vegas yesterday, he immediately got in his chair and fell sound asleep and slept the rest of the afternoon. Before we left Sherry's condo I sprayed Lysol on everything Frank had touched, and I washed a throw that he had used to wrap up in. I don't want Sherry getting the bug. I did enjoy loving on Ozzy, Sherry's cat and he slept with me for a while the night before, as Frank slept out on Sherry's couch. I am sleeping in our guest room as I sure don't want to catch the bug. We usually share the bugs and I sure don't want this one.

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