Saturday, August 31, 2013

Park City Vacation

We finally were able to leave this hot hole Nevada and go to Park City, UT for a ten day vacation.  The first day there we found it to be a little on the warm side.  The condo was uncomfortably hot, but once we opened it up and the sun went down it cooled right down.  We put fans in the windows of every room and it didn't take long to cool down.  After that the clouds formed and it rained everyday we were there.  It was wonderful as it was a cool rain and it smelled so good.  There was a fire about 10 miles away from Park City but the smoke didn't affect Park City at all.  The rain helped the fire fighters put the fire out.  

This is where we stayed while in Park City.  My cousin was so nice to let us stay here.  We used to stay here a lot several years ago when my Aunt and Uncle owned it.  When they passed away, Lorri inherited it.  She remodeled it several years ago and it sure is nice.  We were very lucky to have such a nice place to stay in.  There is no way we could have afford the prices they charge for places like this.  It was so nice to just get away from the horrible heat we were having in Nevada.

As you can see the condo was very nice

Frank found some Choke Cherries at the entrance of the condo area

On our way down Parleys Canyon to visit family 

Lots of sunflowers in the area

We had a nice visit with my Niece Madeline and her husband Paul
Madeline and Paul's grand baby
We had a nice visit with my brother Allen and his family at a family baseball game

Frank and I enjoyed our Park City vacation.  We really needed to get away.  It was so nice to visit family.  We were able to have dinner with my cousin John and his wife Rosie, my brother Allen and his wife  Joyce.  I forgot to take some pictures and was mad at myself that I didn't.  John was wearing a heart monitor as he has been having fainting spells.  I need to check with him and see if they found out what was wrong.  

I doubt we will ever be able to stay in the Park City Condo again as it was so hard on Frank to go up and down the stairs with luggage, groceries, etc.  Especially the last day lugging our heavy luggage and all that we had bought down the stairs and loading up the truck to go home.  He was hurting a lot and once again thanks to our Chiropractor son Bret, who was able to adjust Frank and make the leg pain go away. 

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