Saturday, January 5, 2013

Granddaughter Moving

My Granddaughter Robyn, posted this picture on facebook.  Moving day was yesterday.  Her husband has a new job at a hospital in Watsonville, CA as the Chief Financial Officer. He started a couple of months ago, so he and his family have been living apart.  They finally found a home and now their little family will be together again.  I am happy for them, but sad for Frank and I as it has been fun having them so close.  I will especially be sad Monday when we make the trip to Mesquite for Frank's pain management appointment.  Frank usually drops me off at Robyn's home so I can visit her and Braxton, and then after his appointment, he comes for a visit too, and sometimes plays around on the golf course that was in Robyn's backyard.

I am going to miss these special people and watching Braxton grow, but Robyn promised to post pictures on facebook and I will look forward to those.  I will miss the hugs, lunch with the girls, and the visits at her home.  I was elated last week when Robyn dropped by for a visit, as this would be our last visit before the move.  Frank was sick, so Robyn and I visited in our little living room and I had fun playing with Braxton.  

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