Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lorri & Sherry's Visit

On the 5th of August, we went to Portland Airport to pick up Sherry and Lorri.  It is close to 100 miles, but it seems so much farther than that.  There aren't too many freeways in this area only when you get to I-5.  The roads going inland are windy, up and down and no passing except in designated passing lanes. On our way we got behind a long line of backed up traffic.  When we got to the passing lane, this one car stayed in the left lane so everyone had to pass on the wrong side.  It looked like a young girl driving and it made me wonder if she was a new driver.  She had been going 40 MPH in a 55 MPH speed zone.  So frustrating to all the drivers behind her.

We were early at the airport, so we waited in the baggage area for Sherry and Lorri.  They ended up landing early and we were surprised to see them walking up to us.  They stayed with us five days and we were on the dead go.  Below are some of the fun things we did with them.  Sherry and Lorri went on some real long beach walks while they were here.  Lorri got up every morning and took a walk on the beach alone.

We went to a beach and did some Agate hunting.  Frank made his own Agate digger.  He found a strainer and bought a dowel and attached it to the strainer.  It is better than the cheesy one we saw in a rock store and his was a whole lot cheaper.  In the above picture Frank and Sherry are Agate hunting.  Frank walked clear down around the point, and the tide was coming up.  I got worried when I couldn't see him, but he was in a cove area.  He rolled up his pants and still got wet.

Lorri playing with some sea weed
Frank digging for Agates
Sherry and Lorri at the Whale Look out in Depot Bay
Sherry & Lorri Depot Bay
Getting ready for a beach ride Pacific City
Lorri mounting from the required steps 
Sherry all ready to go on the wild one he tried to buck her off twice
We were told where to go to take pictures of them on the beach
Lorri riding Bella right next to the ocean
Sherry enjoying the ride until her horse got wild.  Sherry told the workers that she was an experienced rider,  so they gave her the wild one.  We should have known as he broke through his corral when they were getting the riders ready.  No way was he going to be left behind
Pacific City Beach
Pacific City the view we had while waiting to take pictures It was beautiful there
Sherry had a real wild ride as her horse was trying to buck her off.  She finally had to get off from him and the daughter of the owner of the Beach Horseback Rides told her if she wasn't going to get back on him, she would have to take him and she did and  left Sherry there to walk back over a sandy dune.  Sherry and Lorri were both upset at how this girl acted and treated people on the ride.  In fact Lorri said something to a one of the workers and she said it was the snotty girl's last day.  She was arguing with one of the other workers, riding side saddle, and just not being friendly.  Sherry felt she should have traded horses with her when she saw how Sherry's horse was acting.  Then on top of it all Sherry had specified that she wanted a two hour ride when she called and made reservations.  It ended up being a one hour ride.  Lorri said that one way or another she was going to find a way to complain to the owners, especially about their daughter who made everyone miserable on the ride.  Not good for business. I felt bad for Sherry as she had been so excited about riding on the beach. Her ride was mainly trying to keep an out of control horse in control.  No riding by Lorri and enjoying the beach ride together.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Vacation Photos

Lincoln City Beach two blocks from our rental
A walk on the beach - tide is out
Seagull looking for something to eat
This flock of birds fly over the beach every evening
A view from an over look close to Depot Bay
Waves splashing on the rocks
Waves rolling up to the beach
Close to Depoe Bay 

Oregon Vacation - Two Day Trip to Seaside

Years ago we started our journey of the hwy 101 Cost trip.  We took two different trips one starting on the California Coast, and then we went back where we left off and went as far as Crescent City, CA.  

When Frank retired, we took our fifth wheel and stayed in a beautiful state park called Bassendorf.  There we went back down on the hwy 101 to where we had left off several years before. When we headed home, we  went to Newport and spent two nights, and then headed inland to go home.

So on this trip we wanted to finish our hwy 101 so we decided to spend a couple of nights in Seaside, OR And explore on up the coast.  We took the scenic byway from Pacific City.  I have never hiked so much as we did on this trip.  The pictures below are some of the beautiful sights on our trip.

This was a view from a hike to Cape Meares Lighthouse
I had to stop and rest quite a few times, it was a steep hike

One of the views on our hike.  It was a little foggy
A monument for Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cape Meares Lighthouse
Reading the history of the Lighthouse
On our way to Washington we crossed Astoria Megler Bridge .  It is the highest bridge I have ever been  on
This was a very interesting stop.  History of Lewis & Clark
This is at the end of The Promenade in Seaside
A river walk in Seaside
The back side of the Moument  - End of the Promenade Seaside  Lewis & Clark
Our visit to Fort Canby
Fort Canby- Sacagawea
The Fort
Inside quarters of the solders
A demonstration of shooting a very old riffle
We had a lot of fun on our trip.  The hotel we stayed in was really nice and when we got ready to leave, we wanted to take the king pillow top bed with us, as where we are staying the bed is a very uncomfortable queen bed.  We had to buy two toppers and put on it before we could stand to sleep on it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our Vacation - The Begining June 28, 20012

 We bought a new camera to take on our trip.  Frank took a test picture of me.  I was taking a little nap as I was exhausted from packing, and getting our home ready for our extended vacation.  Believe me when I say both Frank & I are missing this bed. 

We headed out the next morning for Fallon, NV as I wanted to visit with Lani and Terry.  We hadn't seen them in quite a while.  Needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got to Fallon.  It is such a long boring trip and it seems a lot longer than it really is.  It was great to see Lani and Terry and get caught up on their lives.  Lani was going to leave the following Monday to go and stay with Jackie, her daughter who was going to have a baby girl soon.

Weed California
We left early the next morning and as we drove through Susanville, we enjoyed the scenery as the last time we were in this area, it was full of smoke and we couldn't see anything and wanted to get out of the area as fast as we could. I had made egg salad and had sandwich stuff so we stopped along the way to enjoy a picnic, and every time we stopped to eat I would say, " We just saved over $20.00."   It is so expensive to eat out.
Mt. Shasta
I had made reservations at a hotel in Weed California (what a name)  and I sure am glad I did as all hotels were full, and I heard the front desk clerk turning someone away because they were full.  Weed is just a short distance from Mt. Shasta.  In the picture above, Mt. Shasta is fogged in, but it was beautiful.

Mt. Shasta fogged in
We went for a walk up the street from our hotel and took some pictures.  It looked like someone had started to build a subdivision but went under as this street was a dead end to the beginnings of a subdivision.  It was so cool and nice to us, but the locals thought it was hot.  We headed out the next day for Lincoln City, Oregon our destination.