Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Oregon Vacation - Two Day Trip to Seaside

Years ago we started our journey of the hwy 101 Cost trip.  We took two different trips one starting on the California Coast, and then we went back where we left off and went as far as Crescent City, CA.  

When Frank retired, we took our fifth wheel and stayed in a beautiful state park called Bassendorf.  There we went back down on the hwy 101 to where we had left off several years before. When we headed home, we  went to Newport and spent two nights, and then headed inland to go home.

So on this trip we wanted to finish our hwy 101 so we decided to spend a couple of nights in Seaside, OR And explore on up the coast.  We took the scenic byway from Pacific City.  I have never hiked so much as we did on this trip.  The pictures below are some of the beautiful sights on our trip.

This was a view from a hike to Cape Meares Lighthouse
I had to stop and rest quite a few times, it was a steep hike

One of the views on our hike.  It was a little foggy
A monument for Cape Meares Lighthouse
Cape Meares Lighthouse
Reading the history of the Lighthouse
On our way to Washington we crossed Astoria Megler Bridge .  It is the highest bridge I have ever been  on
This was a very interesting stop.  History of Lewis & Clark
This is at the end of The Promenade in Seaside
A river walk in Seaside
The back side of the Moument  - End of the Promenade Seaside  Lewis & Clark
Our visit to Fort Canby
Fort Canby- Sacagawea
The Fort
Inside quarters of the solders
A demonstration of shooting a very old riffle
We had a lot of fun on our trip.  The hotel we stayed in was really nice and when we got ready to leave, we wanted to take the king pillow top bed with us, as where we are staying the bed is a very uncomfortable queen bed.  We had to buy two toppers and put on it before we could stand to sleep on it.

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