Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Does it Ever End -

These are pictures I took of Bret putting air in my tires and of him kicking back. This is a day after he gave our family a big scare. On Thursday July 23rd, Bret went home for lunch and started to have stroke like symptoms. Bret isn't one to want to go to the hospital or to a doctor for that matter. So we knew it was serious. Him being a Chiropractor, he has a lot of medical knowledge. Just when my nerves were calming down from my ordeal with Frank, this happens.
Laura called me and I told them to call 911. She told me a friend had done that and it took three hours for them to get to the hospital. So it was decided that Laura would drive him over to Mesquite. They borrowed my car and got to Mesa View Hospital in Mesquite in half an hour. Frank told me to go with them, but I couldn't leave him alone. So I stayed home, popped a chill pill and prayed that all would be well. They kept Bret in the hospital over night for observation and to have an MRI. As you can see by the pictures, all was good. The MRI came out good. THANK HEAVENS

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