Monday, February 10, 2014

Results are In

Image-Guided Biopsy
I had my biopsy on Monday January 27.  I was a nervous wreck from the day I was told I needed a biopsy until I finally got the results.  Anyway it was quite an experience, and I was glad the doctor had given me a brochure with a picture of the table I would be laying on and also explaining the procedure.  My friend had also gone through this and she told me it was more uncomfortable than anything.

My doctor had found another area of concern so I was going to have two areas biopsied.  I have never had my boob pinched and poked, so much in my life.  Once they put some numbing medicine in the area of the biopsy, the biopsy wasn't so bad.  I could feel the pressure and the poke of the needle, and it was not too painful.  It was just the idea of what they were doing that got to my nerves.

The first biopsy went fast, and I would have been done in 45 minutes, but then the probing and squishing of the boob began again.  The area of concern was in a very difficult area and they had a hard time positioning the breast in order to get a good x-ray.  Finally, after another hour of this, they decided it was a barnacle.  So I was on that table for two hours.  The table is hard, and they have you move up and down until they get you in the right position.  I had to have my head turned to the right the whole time, so I ended up with a stiff neck and shoulder.  The x-ray tech felt bad for me and before they did a regular mammogram, she actually massaged my neck for a few minutes.  I was grateful for this little moment of relief.  Also I was relieved that they didn't have to biopsy another area.

My cousin Penny, had come to the hospital and was waiting with Frank in the waiting room.  I was glad he had company, as he wasn't expecting me to be that long, and I think he would have started worrying.  I had the tech go out an tell Frank there was going to be another procedure done and would be longer. I was shaking, and pale when I went into the waiting room.  I needed to eat and the experience was nerve wracking.

Frank treated Penny and I to a nice Red Lobster dinner afterwards, and then we headed home as I was exhausted and just wanted to go home and rest.  Then the wait began, I was told that as soon as the doctor had the results, they would call me with them.  Also the x-ray tech said my doctor should have the results by Thursday.  So when Friday came and no results, I was a basket case, and decided that I wouldn't get them until Monday at my appointment with the doctor.  

We went to Vegas on Friday afternoon so I could get my nails done, and on Saturday Sherry and I went to a Green Valley High School play, Mary Poppins.  My great granddaughter was in a little part of it with a bunch of other kids so that is why we went, but I have to admit it was a wonderful experience.  The play was awesome and I couldn't believe all the stage props they had.  Mary Poppins flew across the stage, up the chimney, etc.  It was really long though, about two hours with an intermission, but it did keep my mind off from things.

After we got back to Sherry's condo, we decided we had to eat.  I had turned on my phone, but hadn't checked it as we were talking and congratulating the players outside the auditorium.  So while we were eating, I checked my phone and my doctor had called twice and left me a voice mail that there was NO CANCER!!!! but to call him back on his cell

I was so impressed with the fact that my doctor was calling me on a Saturday, and then giving me his cell number to call him back.  How many doctors would have just had me wait until my appointment on Monday?  I felt the weight lift off from me and finally, I could take that deep breath and  breathe again. I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I woke up Sunday Morning at 10:00 AM.  Needless to say Frank & I didn't go to church.  He was exhausted as much as me, so we stayed home and rested. 

When I went to St. George to see my doctor for the lab results, he went over everything that was in the report.  I have what is called Calcification which is pepper looking flakes that show up in the mammogram.  There are different kinds, and the pepper flake looking kind is bad as it means there is or are cancer cells forming in the breast.  I will have to go back in six months and have another mammogram on the left breast.  So  all I can do is hope and pray that everything will be okay then.  I feel like someone was watching over me, as everything just seemed to fall into place and I was taken care of a lot faster than most. So I thank my Heavenly Father for the blessing of not having cancer.  I am grateful for family and friends that were praying for me.

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  1. Almost all first time medical procedures are scary if you think about it. But a biopsy is different and I definitely understand where you’re coming from. It’s a good thing that you pushed through the procedure and it’s even better that there was nothing wrong with your health after all. You showed courage and prudence by your decisions and I’m very happy for you. Prosperity and health to you and your family!

    Roland @


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