Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Breast Cancer Scare

I was supposed to get a mammogram in October, but for some reason I kept putting it off.  There just seemed to be too much going on.  I decided to do it right after Christmas. I finally made me an appointment on January 15th. I had my Mammogram, and Frank and I went to Vegas the next day so I could get my monthly manicure and pedicure and my relaxing massage with Sherry.  When I got home I had a voice mail from the x-ray technician and she told me there was abnormality in my left breast, and that I needed to call my doctor for the results.  Of course it was on a Friday, and my doctor doesn't work on Fridays.  I left a message, and then called them back on Monday.  Once again I had to leave a message, and I know my anxiety came through in my voice and message I left.

I have the best OBGYN  doctor.  I couldn't believe it when he called a little later on.  I know it was in between his patients.  He called instead of one of having one of his staff members call.  He said "Donna did those Mesa View people scare you?"  He explained a little of what is going on, that I have microcalicifications in my left breast and that I would need a biopsy.  He asked if I wanted to go to Vegas, or St. George.  I chose St. George as we have a new doctor over there and have decided that is where we want to go for our medical needs.

I told Frank what I could, and then said "now I have to go and cry."  Frank came in to find me cleaning our bathroom as that is what I do when under stress, clean!!!!  He hugged me and said "you do know that everything will be okay?"  The hug felt good and made me feel better.  I shook myself  into the reality of I should just wait and see type of thing.

Later that day, my wonderful doctor's staff called me and they had set me up with a doctor in St. George.  Everything was falling into place quickly.  She told me I had an appointment for Wednesday the 15th. I no sooner got off from the phone when one of  the surgeon's staff called me to tell me they didn't take my insurance which was a total shock as no doctor's office, etc has refused my insurance.  I told her this, and she told me to call my insurance company and ask them.  It turned out that all the doctor has to do is treat it as Medicare, as I have a Medicare Advantage plan. So any way the lady that called me said I could come the next day which was a Friday.  The doctor usually doesn't work on Fridays, but she thought he would see me.  The next step was getting my x-rays from the Mesa View Hospital.  It was late in the day like around 3:PM.  So I called the hospital and was told the office stays open until 5:30.  We rushed over to Mesquite only to see a sign on the door stating they x-ray office closed at 3:30. It was almost 4:00. I rang the bell and a nice young girl came out and I told her my situation.  She said they would make the copies for me right then.  Wow! I couldn't believe how things were just falling into place.  Someone was watching over me.

So the next day, we headed to St. George for my appointment.  I really liked the doctor as soon as he started to explain things.  I won't go into great detail at this point, only to say that he took the x-rays to his radiologist and they found another area of concern.  So I was glad that they found it and both areas will be biopsied.  The doctor checked me out, and gave Frank and I a little brochure that explained my type of concern, and how the biopsy works. He told Frank and I that if I did have this type of breast cancer, it is 100% curable. That made us both feel better. The last step was to set up the biopsy which will be next Monday the 27th as I have to quit any blood thinners that I am taking which is baby aspirin and fish oil. I do have to admit I am still having anxiety going on, but I am sure this is normal for most people when the word cancer comes into place.

I have to tell of an experience I had a month or two ago.  I haven't been feeling well at all, and have noticed I get very pale at times.  I was in bed one night and had just finished saying my prayers when this electrical shock went through my body, and a voice inside me said "there is something wrong in your body."  So I wasn't surprised when I got the bad report on my mammogram.  Now the wait begins for the biopsy report.  I was told they would call me as soon as they get the report.  I am trying to think positive about all of this, after all the doctor said that if I do have cancer it is curable.

I just had a close friend go through a breast cancer trial, and they were able to get it all through surgery.  She had follow up radiation and is still being checked to make sure they got it all.  We were talking the other day when I called her to tell her about my scare.  She said that she felt her kids are grown, and has no responsibilities, and if it was meant to be her time to go, it would be okay.  I agreed with her as I feel the same way.  I am so exhausted all the time, I fight myself to keep up with things.  I am not contributing any thing of value to life or my church.  Even my genealogy has suffered as I just don't feel like doing it any more.
I know that I am suffering from depression because of the way I feel.  Exhaustion is my companion.  I am going to my sleep doctor next month and going to try the CPAC as my new doctor thinks my Sleep Apnea is causing my exhaustion. I will continue this story after I get my biopsy.

Christmas 2013

 Christmas Eve dinner and sing along carols.  We do this every year as long as I am able.
Jimmy, Renee, and Bret

Jimmy and Renee

Frank and me

Merritt, Laura, Rozlynn, and Sierra

Our outdoor decorations Frank went all out this year

Poor Merritt slept through the whole evening.  He had been out in the hills and got his car stuck and had to walk all the way back to the freeway.  A long distance.  Some people pulled over and saw that he wasn't doing so well.  Long story short Merritt ended up in the Mesquite Hospital and was given and IV as he was dehydrated.  He was able to get his car out of the mess a couple of days later with the help of a friend.

We had a fun time with our gift game.  Everyone kept their gifts.  We didn't sing the whole song book as usual.  Laura and Sierra were sick with the bug that was and is going around.  We all agreed that we missed our old songs, The Disney sing along carols that I had for years. It was on a tape that was so worn out, I finally retired it.  I will have to see if I can find another one on line. 

Christmas Day was low key as Sierra ended up getting really sick, and we didn't want to go over for Christmas dinner and catch the bug.  I wasn't feeling very good either.  So I cooked my share of the dinner, mashed potatoes, and green beans.  Bret came over with a portion of what they had cooked the main meal of turkey, gravy, etc.  So we ate at our own homes.  Christmas Eve was my celebration as it is every year, and it was fun.