Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great Grandkids

Rozlynn playing the piano and acting like she was reading the music from my Children's song book
Last weekend we met Renee at the Smoke Shop and picked up Rozlynn.  We had her over the weekend,  and we had a lot of fun with her.  I was her playmate and she wouldn't let me out of her sight.  Frank and I took her to the park and she didn't want to leave.  The first time she got an attitude with me.
I had Ozzie too as Sherry was visiting her Uncle Grant in South Carolina for a week.  We took him back to Vegas last Monday and picked Sherry up from the airport that night.  Ozzie was happy to be back home.  It was kind of nice to get home and have the house back to a normal environment. I was so tired, I had to take a nice long nap when we got home the next day.

Before hair cut picture
After Hair Cut
Back view of the hair cut
A sick Braxton
Renee told me she wanted to cut Rozlynn's hair and she did last week. The above is a before and after picture.  Nice to have a mommy as a Beautician. It looks so cute on her.

We went over to Mesquite last Wednesday for Frank's pain management appointment, and we stopped by to see Robyn and Braxton.  Braxton was a sick little guy and I felt so bad for him.  Robyn let him have his Binky to help sooth him.  He was all wrapped up in a blanket and was watching cartoons on TV.  Poor little guy tried to eat some soup, and it hurt his throat so bad he cried for quite a while, and it took Robyn some time to quite him down. He is a good little eater, but no appetite this day.  When we left, I wanted to hug Braxton but thought better of it. I sure didn't want to catch his virus. I texted Robyn Thursday to see how Braxton was doing and she said that he was acting a little better.

Our Salt Lake City Trip

We were waiting to ride the tracks to downtown Salt Lake City

My brother Allen and his wife Joyce

Mitch, my niece Megann, Joyce and Allen Luker

Mitch, Megann, Joyce, Allen, and Me

Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Can you believe this is a part of the Plaza

The Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Waterfall Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

Mitch sitting on the hearth of this beautiful fireplace. I bet there is a fire going on  with the weather change.

This statue used to sit in the middle of the road and I used to have to drive around it.

Allen & I looking at the statue

Frank took this beautiful picture of the Salt Lake Temple  When I lived in Salt Lake I could see this temple from my bedroom window.

Frank & I having fun sight seeing Salt Lake City Creek Plaza

The reason we were in Salt Lake for this cute couples Temple Sealing Ryan & Melissa Luker

Statue of Joseph Smith in the Joseph Smith Building Used to be The Hotel Utah, a very high end hotel.

Dinner on the Roof Top of the Joseph Smith building My niece Miranda , Scarlet, and Pete

Scarlet having fun coloring

The beautiful Bountiful Temple where Ryan and Melissa were sealed

We had a wonderful time with my Brother and his family.  What a special experience to see Ryan and Melissa being sealed in this beautiful temple.  We could see the Great Salt Lake from there and there was a beautiful sunset going on.

It was so much fun riding the tracks to downtown Salt Lake and getting to see the beautiful Salt Lake City Creek Plaza, and touring the Temple grounds.  I couldn't believe the changes to my home town where I used to walk and shop.  My high school is not too far from the temple grounds and a group of us would walk downtown through the temple grounds and go to a store and buy a hot dog that would taste so good.  Then we would catch the city bus to go home.  I could recognize some of the old buildings that are still on main street.   The Salt Lake valley has grown so much, I hardly recognize it, and could get lost. Downtown Salt Lake has been transformed into a beautiful place, and is well worth a visit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fun on Halloween

When we were shopping in Vegas a few days before Halloween, we saw a man put this mask on.  We liked it a lot so we decided to buy it for Frank to wear on Halloween night. Bret and Laura came over for dinner and just as I was going to take a picture of us eating dinner, the trick or treaters came and the sun hadn't even gone down.  So I didn't get a chance to take a picture.  I made sirloin vegetable soup and cornbread.  Something easy to have on a busy Halloween night.
Frank waiting for the kids

Frank had so much fun teasing the kids.  He would ask them what they had in their bags and then reach in and act like he was going to take a treat.  It was so funny watching the kids expressions.  We laughed our heads off. Merritt came later and had a bowl or two of soup and then helped hand out candy.  Bret helped with the handing out of candy too.
The kids came in bunches and it never stopped until 8:30 PM and we closed the house up and turned out the lights and still had a few knocks.  We were all so tired and so I just called out that we were out of candy.  I only had a few hand fulls left out of three huge bags.  The kids couldn't figure out if Frank had a mask on or not.
Some of my Halloween decorations

I had a scary bat hanging on the side wall of our house.  Last year I had it over the dining room window and it scared some of the little ones.  So I put it further away and the kids were too busy looking at Frank and didn't even notice the ugly bat.  Thanks Bret, Laura, and Merritt for all the help.